About Me

I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio as the child of two parents with farming related jobs and backgrounds. Obviously, this didn’t suit me very well and I was happy to discover technology. I started with linear VHS tape to tape video editing as a sophomore in high school in a video production class. Over the next three years, I found that I had a natural talent for Video Toaster, LightWave, and Photoshop.

I went to college for Telecommunications at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, which focused on video production, radio production, and web design and development. In these four years, I learned non-linear digital video editing on Media 100, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer in classes, internships, freelancing, and working at WBGU PBS. At BGSU, I studied celluloid and digital photography, furthering my Photoshop and image editing skills. This is also when I learned HTML, JavaScript, and Flash and started freelancing in web design and development.

Andrew McCabe

I came to Tucson for the Media Arts Master’s program in Fall 2002. While in grad school, I furthered my media production skills and learned more technical skills in programming, video compression, operating systems, and computer hardware. In my second year of grad school, I produced a television show called “[FRAMES]” for the University’s cable televison channel that was a showcase for University filmmakers. I also started teaching as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, with The University of Arizona’s Extended University, and to middle school and high school through a government grant. I found that I learn technology quickly and am good at explaining technology to other people.

After graduation in May 2004, I was a full time employee at the University of Arizona and freelanced in several areas. I relocated to Seattle in July 2013 for a Systems Admin job at ESPN. For more information about my recent employment history, skills, and freelance work, see my resume on the home page or email me for more info.

– Andrew McCabe